It is currently NFT o'clock

It is currently NFT o'clock

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Today is December 9th, 2023

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I don't just like to create NFTs, I also collection them. One of the first terms I learned in the NFT world was HODL or "hold on for dear life". I really like this term and I use it to describe the NFTs in my collection that I bought to be part of a community, the ones that I'll never sell.

Here are the projects that I'm happy to be a part of:

OG:Crystal: I'm usually really excited about the art but with this one I was intrigued by the growth mechanic. It's crazy how complex people can build them. It's so cool to see people trying something that hasn't been done before.

Silly Goose Comedy Club: This one was super interesting to me as I love comedy. I think the world needs to laugh a bit more. The thought of my money going to making people happier was a no brainer.

Sora's Dreamworld: This one was 100% because of the art. I love it so much. This is also the first project where I got scammed. I clicked on the wrong link and sent a bunch of money to a random scammer. The head of the project gave me a free one to make it right which was super cool and made me love the project even more.

Retro Thrashed: My favorite CMS is Statamic (which powers this site) and it's creator Jack McDade is a super cool guy. When I saw that he was making NFTs I knew I needed one, so I got a Steve Urkel one that I'll treasure forever.

CryptoMutts: I missed the mint for this one but when I heard about it I quickly bought one on OpenSea. It was started by kenny schachter and he is doing some really cool stuff in the NFT space and I wanted to be part of it.